57. Year One

Time flies by (even if doesn’t feel like that while being at work). I started this blog already a year ago…

Let me make a short summary:

  • 365 days
  • 56 entries
  • 17710 total views (thanks to YOU all!)

What You liked at most:

  1. Future of Oathmark (882 views): I would like to think, that it shows Your interest in Oathmark! The ruleset is really good, it deserves recognition, and I hope that Joe McCullough will continue the series! Long live Oathmark!
  2. Oathmark elf cavalry (655 views): The conversion seems to be pretty popular, after that I saw other gamers did similar conversions. Im a bit proud! I hope, they will be painted someday…
  3. Chariots for Oathmark (306 views): Not a conversion but a scratchbulid, but I think it shows, that these kind post are interesting for You. Aaand, there is painting already in progress!

What I liked at most:

  • Conversions (like the elf cavalry before), scratchbuilds (like the chariots before) and sculpting (like the homemade Treeman / Ent and Earth Elemental / Golem. I love to make them, but they take the most time investment… So there are, and unfortunately, there will be not a lot of them…
  • Im not a great painter. Not even good, more like worse-than-average… But there is one paintjob, where Im really proud of: the big bad blanchitsu behemoth. Its far away from being perfect, there are tons of other, much better blanchitsu style miniatures. But I still think, that I captured a very strong atmosphere with it. I can smell the rotting, musty air around it!
  • I love terrain building, it’s a little bit underrepresented on this blog, but I think, that the modular wooden fort was a pretty successful (and relatively quick) project (Part 1 and Part 2).
  • I really like mind-playing with home made rules! It’s most of the times completely useless, but still… So I made a lot for Oathmark:

And what does the futer hold? Im only sure in one thing: another year…


  1. Congratulations on reaching your first milestone. I have enjoyed reading your posts over the last year - long may they continue!