24. Oathmark human army II.

Now let’s continue with the characters. I had no special source they are all made of the same sets, as the units (with one exception):

  • Mounted king: with sword on a barded horse
  • Mounted wizard: I used here a head and the hands form the Frostgrave wizard set, on a horse and body from a Perry knight. Tried to grind the armor plates from the legs, but the body is not so obviously armored, so I let it be. At the end, he got a giant (and ugly sculpted) cloak, made from epoxy putty (like the mounted elven wizard).
  • Mounted champion: heavy armor, giant axe, and a separated body part form an enemy

  • King: with sword and scepter
  • Prince: with sword but without helmet (because everybody has to see his beautiful golden locks)
  • Standard bearer of the king: with a trumpet (there is no need for him according to the rules, but it looks nice, and so will be easier to find the king on the battlefield)

  • General (the only metal, non-Perry mini there, it’s from Avatars of War): very nice sculpt with heavy armor and greatsword in a (more or less) fitting size
  • Champion: the fencer with light armor, sword and dagger
  • Champion: the sharpshooter with crossbow and pavaise
  • Champion: the brawler with heavy armor, giant axe and a mace

  • And because my Frostgrave wizards, I hove a lot of options for the spellcasters

After this long list, let’s get shorter, here comes the monster section! When I say monster, I mean Reaper miniatures, by far the cheapest option for good enough monsters. There are 5 different ogres, 4 from Reaper Bones (3 with bludgeons, and one with a bit of improvised armor and an impressively ugly shield) and 1 from Bones Black (darker, harder material with better details):

An ugly giant, again from Reaper. It is a bit of exception from the “cheap but nice monster = Reaper” rule, because the quality is not that good. The sculpt is nice, but the mold is very unsharp, there is no fun in painting… For such big skin surfaces, a better painting skill then mine would be needed, so I tried to hide all that with dirt, vains and blod. It got an additional weapon too: a giant piece of rock on chain. The result is okay at best, I am not satisfied at all (although its ready, what should be a good feeling). But when I take a look at price tag of similar sized miniatures, it doesn’t hurt that much (and yes, I have to varnish it matte):

As a warmachine, again a homemade catapult. I will write a post about building medieval catapults later, now just a look at the as-is state (the base is obviously too big for Oathmark, but as warmachines rarely come in hand-to-hand combat, is not that important):

So lets take a look on the overall human army list (filled up with some Frostgrave barbarians):

  • 15 Spearman:195 points
  • 15 Soldiers: 180 points
  • 25 Archers: 300 points
  • 20 Linebreakers: 340 points
  • 15 Warriors: 210 points
  • 5 Engineers: 60 points
  • 5 Cavalry: 225 points
  • 10 Heavy Cavalry: 500 points
  • 5 Rangers from Frostgrave Barbarians: 70 points
  • 10 Militia from Frostgrave Barbarians: 90 points
  • 5 Ogre Linebreakers: 225 points
  • 1 Giant: 350 points
  • 1 Heavy catapult: 120 points

Overall 2865 points

These were all our family Oathmark armies! I will continue with something new.


23. Oathmark human army I.

The Oathmark army intro series comes to the end (yet). Because now, it came to the fourth race from the basic rulebook: humans. I know, Oathbreakers were released, and so there is also the undead faction, but we in the family don’t own undead units (except 11 skeletons, 7 ghouls/zombies and some character miniatures). So what does Northstar has for humans? This will be the shortest list, because it’s the only faction (expect the undeads), which has only one plastix box:

  • Human Infantry: the meanwhile common, 30 miniatures with the options of making (full) units of spearman (yes, at last, they are really men), archers and soldiers, with additional bits for champions and standard bearers. They have a dark-age Magnum P.I. design (lots of mustaches). I cant tell much more about this box, because I don’t own it. Why? Because for humans, there are oceans of options from seas of manufacturers out on the market, no need to be fantasy, historical ranges fit as well. And I fell in love with another range…

  • Blister pack with metal champions. Two of the minis are nothing special, but the older looking man, who is holding his helmet in his hand, is really good.

  • Blister pack with the usual king/wizard/musician. I like them, the poses are nice, but as I choose another line of figures, it’s not for me.

That was quick… Short list, where I don’t have anything. But what do I have then?

I was searching for human minis for my army, and I made some rules: must be cheap, must have options for a lot of different units, and must have a fitting size. There are a lot of beautiful sets from dark ages (vikings and so), but there I miss the option of showing the three different armor levels of the units (no armor, light armor, heavy armor), because they are typically without armor or with chainmails. I hade to continue my search in another age. I didn’t wanted to go to an earlier period, roman infantry would feel odd next to goblins, so I took the next main step in historical miniatures: early medieval (crusades). That would fit well, there are some sets on the market, but I didn’t find anything what I really liked (although Fireforged games has a nice line-up), most of the heavy armored troops carry giant ornaments on their helmets (ok, I could have cut them). So lets jump to the next age: late medieval (100 years war, War of the roses), and there I must find something because the next historical period would be the renaissance which would look odd again next to other races of the game. Aren’t as many plastic boxes here, but there is a manufacturer, who has everything in nice quality for a very reasonable price: Perry Miniatures!

There are archers, different infantry types, heavily armored knights on foot and on horses, so the whole human infantry can be covered (except the rangers and mounted rangers, but they are anyway a bit special). And another advantage is, that you can have single sprues also, no need to buy complete boxes! So I started to build my army, based on Perrys Agincourt and War of the Roses ranges.

There is a lot of mix and match between the different sets, but I try to remember whit is made from what. They are not ready painted (of course), but I have plans in my head, and I already designed banners for them (about that in a later post):

  • 15 Spearman from english army (AO40) and french infantry (AO50) with shields from European mercenaries (WR20): Long spears, big shields (pavaises actually), light armor. Whit-blue main colors, with a red lobster on the shield, because it looks cool. In my kingdom they will be the troops from the rich fishermen’s guild.

  • 15 Soldiers from english army (AO40) and french infantry (AO50): Mixed hand weapons (axes and swords), bucklers and light armor. Yellow-blue, with keys on the banner. They are the poorly equipped city guard.

  • 25 Archers from english army (AO40) and french infantry (AO50) and war of the roses infantry (WR1): Bow and light armor, for two units: 10 men white-green with a deer, and 15 white-red with arrow heads. Both are regular troops of the king, and they can be united, if a bigger archer unit is needed.

  • 20 Linebreakers (mostly) from Agnicourt foot knights (AO60) and (partially) from War of the Roses foot knights (WR50) with some mixed weapons: heavy armor with giant axes, halberds, hammers (and some swords). They banner is yellow-black, and they are well trained fighters of the king, where the troops are filled up from the poorer noble houses (in hope for money and glory), who have no money for a warhorse. This is represented on the cloaks, where the colors are uniform, but the patterns are individual, from the coat of arms of their family. The only (almost) ready painted unit I have…

  • 15 Warriors from war of the roses foot knights (WR50) with shields from Frostgrave Knights box (copied with blue stuff): the palace guard, heavily armored fighters with sword and shield, in the kings colors (red-yellow), they serve the king, and only the king. Maybe I will use the dwarven soldier attributes for them (difference is +1 activation).

  • 5 Engineers from war of the roses infantry (WR1) with mixed weapons: As I read the engineer rules in Battlesworn, I knew, I need to have at least one unit of them. They colors are gray and green, representing a road on a field. I modified the weapons so, that they look a bit more like tools.

  • 5 Cavalry from Agincourt mounted knights (AO70): less equipped cavalry with hand weapons and small shields on unarmored horses. A lighter, cheaper mounted unit for flanking and chasing the enemy, in red and blue. Professionals, who didn’t want to give up their families for a knightly order.

  • 5 Heavy Cavalry from Agincourt mounted knights (AO70) (with converted shields from Oathmark Elf Light Infantry box): the steamrollers of the battlefield with heavy armor, long lances, big shields (I cut the elven shields asymmetric, to fit closely to the horses, I think it looks cool) on armored mounts. A knightly order, black and white with a red griffon as their sign. Here do serve the second sons of the wealthiest noble families, who are trained to fight on a horse since their childhood. They have to give up their former live, so there is no place for individualism.

  • 5 Cavalry/Heavy Cavalry from Agincourt mounted knights (AO70) (with converted shields from Oathmark Elf Light Infantry box): an intermediate cavalry, with heavy armor and big shield (but another conversion), but with swords and unbarded horses. The colors are XXX. Another knightly order, or some better equipped regular cavalry? I don’t know, but they can be used as cavalry, and heavy cavalry, as the army list requires.

Well, I hope that the length of this list compensates the former one. Actually its so long, that I will make here a break.


22. Oathmark dwarven army

Next stop: dwarves, who belong to my smaller son. I stick to the structure of the former army introductions, and begin with the official Northstar range:

  • Dwarf Infantry:  business as usual, there are 30 bodies with chainmail (5 different), 30 spear holding, 30 hand weapon holding, 30 bow holding, 30 shield holding hands, with a lot of head options (with or without helmets), and some additional bits to make champions and standard bearers (one/one on every sprue). So every standard unit can be made of it. The details are not so fine as by the goblins, but the overall look is still very satisfying. My personal problem with this set are the archers: I don’t like the idea of dwarven archers, because they have too short hands for a normal bow. They should get crossbows, but I know, that technology is non-existing in the Oathmark universe. But in mine it is… The point value of a box is between 450 (soldiers and archers) and 480 (spearman/speardwarf, but I promise, that was the last time…).

  • Dwarf Heavy Infantry: the second boxed set contains the heavily armored dwarf troops, so warriors and linebreakers. Again 30 bodies (of course with 5 different heavy armor), tons of heads (I started to count them, but I gave up) with full face and open face helmets, 30 two handed weapons (you have to take care, the holding hands are paired, mixing probably wont work), 30 hand weapons, 30 shields, and the usual options for champions and standard bearers. I like the design, they look really tough, and the armors (the 5) are also pretty different.
    • Short break! Important thing about building such multipart/multipose plastic boxes: try to mix and match the bodies, heads, hands and the gear so, that the same combination doesn’t appear twice. Such twins can look a bit strange in a unit. At least in my eyes, but if you want a more uniform look of your unit, like the old WH miniatures, go in the opposite direction!

The point values varies from 510 (warriors) and 600 (line breakers)

  • A blister pack of the ordinary metal king/wizard/musician trio. It’s a lovely pack, I like especially the wizard with the crow, but the king (with the crown) is also very good looking. My son wanted to have them, but again, god of stockpiles intervened…

  • To blister pack of champions. One with chainmails, shields axes and a spear, nothing really exciting. The other one though is a bit special: they are called heroes. Equipped with heavy armor, they fit the heavy infantry box very well. And there is a woman (wodwarf, ok, I should stop…)! They seem to be on stock by Northstar, but weren’t they some promotional at the first release of the range?

Lets switch from the options to the actions! What does my son has in his dwarven army? Meanwhile he got both plastic boxes, and by the first one, we followed our beginner rule of making 10/10/10 of every option, after that we fitted the heavy infantry a bit to his needs. With a little twist. As you read above, I don’t like dwarf archers, so they needed crossbows. I had a lot of spare crossbows in various sizes from other different sets (Perrys, Warlord Games, Frostgrave line), so it was clear to convert the dwarves into crossbowman (crossbowdwarf, sorry). I don’t want to write a more detailed process, it was a lot of dry-fitting, carving and gap filling, but at the end there were 15 dwarves (5 with heavy armor, because there was no other option left) with crossbows. But of course, they will be used as normal archers according to the rules. I’m not perfectly happy with the many different crossbow sizes, but I think the result is good enough. My son is happy with them, so it certainly must be.

From the Heavy Dwarf Infantry box, we made 15 Linebreakers, all with faceguards (as a big, offensive unit), 10 Warriors with open faced helmets (a defensive unit, maybe like bodyguards for important characters), and the above mentioned 5 ranged troops. At the end, the units are (of course not yet painted…):

  • 10 spearman (I’m trying very hard not to write speardwarf again…), the only ones with some paint, and I think that blue-yellow looks quite good:

  • 10 soldiers:

  • 15 dwarves with crossbow (yes, I managed to avoid crossbowdwarf... D´oh!):

  • 10 warriors:

  • 15 linebreakers:

Every unit with his own standard bearer, and there are some champion looking troopers also. Now to the characters! So the blister pack was not on stock, we had to search elsewhere. At the end, we arrived at Reaper Miniatures, and my son choose a king and a wizard. That king is one of my favorite Reaper minis! So much detail, a beautiful axe, the falcon, the pose, it’s great, I love it! The wizard is more average, but my son likes it:

Forth to the monsters! The dwarven monsters in Oathmark are pretty unique, but all the choosen wooly-hairy creatures fit to the overall design of the universe. The easiest option for the eachies was to look after yetis, and as usual, the cheapest but good enough option was Reaper (as always for the monsters). They are maybe a bit smallish, but for that amount of money, we can live with this. The paintjob is one of the easiest ones (basecoat-wash-drybrush, everything except the face, hands and feet):

The barghest is the only high-speed option for the dwarven army, so it’s a must have. It is described as a semi-ethereal warhorse sized dog, and I think we made a good decision taking the six-legged bloodwolf (Reaper, of course). It wont be black (as described), because it would be boring, and I will tried my best to add an ethereal feeling to the paintjob:

Last point are the warmachines. As before, I will make it myself, but its not ready yet. I wanted a special design, to be a bit more dwarfy, then a normal catapult. I think that basic idea of the enormous-double-crossbow-shooting-thing is good, but I’m struggling with the undercarriage. It has to look mobile and with adjustable angle, and the design isn’t ready yet, and I dont want to show a half warmachine (although it looks pretty cool already).

So lets look at the army list (without characters):

  • 10 dwarves with spears (yes!): 160
  • 10 soldiers: 150
  • 15 dwarves with crossbow (YES!): 225
  • 10 warriors: 170
  • 15 linebreakers: 300
  • 2 eachies: 240
  • 1 barghest: 200
  • 1 heavy catapult: 140

Overall point value: 1585 (between elves and goblins)

Next time, the introduction of the biggest army: humans!

And of course: Happy New Year!


21. Christmas special 2020

It was a pretty special year from a lot of aspects. Here and now I just want to emphasize one of it. Because of the limited options for spending the free time, I landed this year by my unfulfilled, childhood passion: tabletop games and miniatures. I jumped into a lot of projects (maybe got a bit addicted...), and Im enjoying them a lot. But maybe the biggest pleasure is, that my family joined me in this! That is why not only this year, but the Christmas was also very miniature heavy:

Here is the list of presents:

  • Frostgrave Gnolls (Northstar Miniatures)
    • My older son loves gnolls, and wanted them for Frostgrave, but we want to use them also for Oathmark as orcs (a post will come, how we combined the parts, to make it usable for both rulesets).
  • Ghost Archipelago Snake-men (Northstar Miniatures)
    • My younger son wanted them, the reasons and thoughts are the same as by the Gnolls. But Im not sure yet, which rules should we apply for them (Im hesitating between humans and orcs, but maybe some house rules would fit better).
  • Necromunda Luthor pattern Excavation Automata "Ambot" (GW).
    • They look so cool and *TOP SECRET*
  • Black Seas: Master & Commander (Warlord Games)
    • Because we watched Pirates of the Caribbean series with the family, and then Youtube offered a review about this game... I got weak. Have you seen those ships? They are adorable!
  • A mysterius little box with the sign of Zorro...
    • ...or Zealot Minitures? Its a small miniature company who makes (in my opinion) the best minotaurs, but they have other models too. The miniatures are made from resin, and are beautiful with a lot of sharp details! But I dont want to use them in any game, I have other plans for them... (at least for the minotaurs)
That was the short showcase of our Christmas trophies, next time the introduction of our Oathmark family armies will follow.


20. Oathmark goblin army

Lets take a look at the goblins of my son. I think, the easiest way to do this, to follow the structure of the elven army introduction, so lets begin with the official Oathmark range of Northstar:

  • Goblin infantry: 30 goblins, with the option of build soldiers, archers, spearman (speargoblin), and as usual, these options are valid for all the miniatures. Yes, 30 bodies with light armor, 30 spears, 30 bows, 30 hand weapons, 30 shields. And a lot of different head options. And parts for champions and standard bearers. You can do what ever you want with their boxes, and I think that is great! The design is pretty "realistic" (or "tolkienesque"). In my opinion, goblins are the best sculpted and detailed miniatures from their Oathmark range! The point value of the box varies from 300 (soldiers or archers) to 330 (spearman).

  • Goblin wolf riders: 15 goblin riders with an option to build wolf riders (light armor, hand weapon and shield) or wolf rider scouts (light armor and bow), and of course, their 15 wolves (which can be used as a rider-less wolf unit). The finishing of the riders is as good, as the infantry, but the wolves are a bit blunt, detail-less (where is the fur?), and the 3 poses are bit to few... The quality here is also worse then in the other boxes: there are big gaps between the two halves after assembling them. But the overall look of the wolf riders is still very good. The point value range is 180 (plain wolves) - 300 (wolf riders) - 360 (wolf rider scouts).

  • A blister pack of goblin champions. I think, they look really cool, especially the one whit the whip. It cries for a giant pack of goblin slaves!

  • A blister pack of the usual king-wizard-musician trio. The best blister pack for Oathmark! The ugly, fat king, pointing towards the enemy. The round backed shaman with the wolf fell. The drummer, who can be easily converted into another shaman (or apprentice).
  • Six different blister packs of mounted goblins: a king, a musician (will there be rules for them someday?), a wizard and three different champions. In my opinion they are a bit flat designed, nothing extra in comparison to the plastic box. And the wolves have almost the same poses, like there... Only two of them catched my attention: the wizard, which has a nice, shamanic look, and the champion with the giant spear (or halberd).

Enough about the product photos, lets see what we have! My older son choose them, and because he learned really well, he got both plastic boxes. We were at the very beginning of Oathmark, we wanted to build every possible troops (but if he needs for example 20 soldiers, we put the soldiers in the front row, and other, remaining troops in the back). The painting is also not ready (actually no project is ready...), but all the goblins will have a generally dirty look, with a lot of grey and brown tones, green skin (what else?) and an accent color for the various troop types:
  • 10 spearman, with red:

  • 10 archers:

  • 10 soldiers:

  • 10 wolf riders with mixed weapons:

  • 5 wolf rider scouts in blue:
Every unit has, of course a standard bearers, and there are some champions too. My son recently got some character figures also. The amazing blister pack, with the goblin king. We converted the drummer with skulls, bones and some fell into a shamanic drummer/apprentice (also usable for Frostgrave). And the wizard got a saber, because he looked a bit defenseless, next to the insanely drumming colleague:

Next stop are the big boys! At first, the war machine. Ready to play, boxed war machines are pretty expensive, and I really wanted to handcraft various catapults for the game in various styles. So I took some wood profiles, string, glue and tools, and made it (I will write about the detailed process later). Goblins dont have a heavy catapult (just orcs), but because its size, we will still use it as that:

By the monsters, we reach every time to Reaper Miniatures, because their monster are usually really cheap, and good looking. I think that the plastic Frost Wyrm will do perfectly as a Knucker. Of course, not with an icey paint job, but like a giant snake:

My son also got an Ogre, but as this is in the human army list, I will take here our Ice Troll (which I bought for Frostgrave). Its a very rare miniature in our collection, because its painted (I know, I have to varnish it again, and more to our monsters in a separate post):

So the whole goblin army (without characters):
  • 10 spearman (110)
  • 10 archers (100)
  • 10 soldiers (100)
  • 10 wolf riders (200)
  • 5 wolf rider scouts (120)
  • 1 heavy catapult (120)
  • 1 troll (65)
  • 1 kuncker (500)
Overall point value: 1315 (a lot less then the elves)

Next time, dwarf time!