59. Weather and daytime effects in Oathmark

Wargames basically want to simulate a real world with all its features, so we don’t need to jump to another dimension or time (and gather troops, supply them, kill a lot of living creatures, risking the life of a bunch of other ones, including ours) to test our tactical and strategical skills (and sometimes, maybe have a little fun). Of course this simulation is not perfect, but some very obvious, real world features are missing in a lot (I wouldn’t risk to say the most, however I think it would be true) of rulesets. Are in these other worlds or times no day and night? No seasons? No weather?


58. Lessons learned

After the short but boring and not really necessary summary from last week (thanks for Your patience), let’s get to another, much more interesting anniversary theme: What would I do otherwise, if I had to start over?


57. Year One

Time flies by (even if doesn’t feel like that while being at work). I started this blog already a year ago…


56. New faction in Star Wars Legion

It’s still not a news channel (not to mention that these news are 2 weeks old...), but Im pretty excited about this one: Atomic Mass Games (after taking it over from FFG) announced a new faction to Star Wars Legion!


55. Back to Business

As may be recognized, I wasn’t publishing on the blog lately. Im still alive, and Im still into wargaming, but there where different things that prevented me from blogging. I don’t think, that anybody would be interested in them, but it’s my blog, and I do what ever I want to do here, so...


53. Oathmark: Bane of kings

The time has come, I finally arrived to the third and latest supplement for Oathmark: Bane of kings! Does it have a new faction, as in Oathbreakers? No. Can it still be better, then Battlesworn? Yes!


52. Oathmark: Oathbreakers

Oathbreakers was the second Oathmark supplement, and it was a big one! Not because it was thicker or printed on larger pages, but because it introduced a brand new faction: Undead!


51. Oathmark: Battlesworn

I’m still not getting a review writer, but as the already 3rd supplement is published for Oathmark, I thought that I make a short series about them. Let’s start with the first one, because (to spoiler my post) its leaves a better feeling at the end if we get the worst things first. And Battlesworn is the worst of the Oathmark series…


50. Long time ago in a galaxy far away...

…I promised myself, that I wont start anything new, until I don’t finish my open projects. I kind of kept it (kind of… but that’s another story). But it looks like that I vaccinated my kids with attraction towards tabletop gaming. And Star Wars (do you see the double meaning of the title?). And those two things can only lead to one destination: Star Wars Legion.